Specializing in Pattern making, Sampling and Full Domestic Production. Developed & Made in USA.



Pattern making (muslins & protos)

Detailing & Patterning: Our services begin by the passing of sketches. Working though details with you the designer to transform those sketches to actual hand made patterns.

First Patterns & Muslins:  We provide you with a muslin or a prototype so you can make changes to the style lines. We refer to this as the first version of your garment so you no longer need to visualize your sketch. The pattern is made to fit with measurements provided. We also measure your fit model for the most accurate fit.


Sample Development
(fittings, cut & sew)

Sample Development: After fitting the muslin and making any necessary corrections we begin the process of making a sample.

With the technical experience of handling diverse fabrics and the knowledge of how fabrications may react we can confidently provide you with the a perfectly fitted sample.

Our skilled team of cutters, seamstresses, pressers, and finishers all take a part in making your garments look their best. Each step of the development process is handled with utmost care.

made in nyc

Production Process: After showroom [SRS/SMS] samples are finished, we revisit them and begin pre-production. We do all of our fittings in house and are scheduled, so you can have our undivided attention.

We consult with you our technical knowledge & process so that all produced garments are replicated identically.

You can also take pride that your garments will be proudly made in the United States of America!

cad, Digitizing & Marking/Grading


Our CAD system provides us the ability to accurately edit, detail and size each style according to exact specifications. Our digitizing services convert hand patterns so you can easily send patterns via E-mail.  All patterns are stored in our database so you never have to worry about losing or missing a pattern.

OptiTex is our main CAD system that may be converted to other systems (Gerber, Electra, etc.) to adjust for your needs. Sending files overseas for you is a piece of cake!

Marking & Grading is also offered so you can feel at ease that everything is taken care for you at one place! It also helps us ensure that every detail can be easily communicated and controlled.