Over 40 years of experience...


We strive to provide our clients with the best quality services.
Better quality has your designs looking at their best!

At One Stop, we know how much work goes into being a success in fashion. 
Having been in at the heart of the garment district for over 40 years, we have not only been involved in launching and developing brands but we have also built honest relationships with the local businesses around us. 

We have been helping apparel design companies with pattern making and clothing manufacturing, to their great satisfaction. We understand how overwhelming it can be, and we also know that it is almost impossible to do it alone.

Putting together the ease of developing a product, we formulate the creativity and inspiration that you bring into reality. We become the partner, team, and powerhouse you need to make a statement in this industry.

Everyone that walks through our doors, speak of the comfort that our facilities bring. 

Our clients become family. Our facilities are one of the cleanest places you will ever find in New York City.

We believe that our staff use their God given talents, from pattern-makers, drapers, cutters, seamstresses, pressers, to finishers to serve you with the best of our ability!


We are also affiliated with the CFDA as part of their production manufacture initiative
 FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) & Parsons - The New School, internship programs