Specializing in Pattern making, Sampling and Full Domestic Production. Developed & Made in USA.



Pattern Making
Muslin Fitting & Corrections

Detailing and Pattern Design: Our services begin by the passing a few sketches and going through details of what you would like the garment to look like.

Muslins & First Patterns:  We offer you a muslin to have the designer[s] look and review the beginning step of the garment. The pattern is made to fit with measurements provided. We can also measure your fit model as for specs.

Sample Development

Sample Developing: After fitting the first Muslin and making any necessary corrections we begin the process of making a sample [cut & sew process] with actual fabrics and real trims. Some designers in this stage use sub-fabrics and trims, that's okay too.


Production: After showroom [SRS/SMS] samples are finished, we revisit them for pre-production. We do all of our fittings in house and are scheduled, so you can have our undivided attention.